Accepted papers

Serverless E-commerce in 300 Bytes: Non-repudiation and the Shallow Ledger
IOT Water Meter Reading System Based on Multi-agent and Ah Hoc
A Survey on Algorithms and Performance Metrics for Object Detection
A Joint Weighted Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Model via Fusing Attribute Information for Link Prediction
Retrospective evaluation of COVID-19 therapeutics
FPPNet: Fast Privacy-Preserving Neural Network via Three-Party Arithmetic Secret Sharing
Event Annotation Enhanced Pre-trained Language Model In Event Extraction
Dynamic Style Transferring and Content Preserving for Domain Generalization
Research on Urban Risk Calculation Based on Hierarchical Bayesian Dynamic Random Block Model
Graph representation learning for assisting administrative penalty decisions
A Bi-objective Source Hiding Method for Network Propagation
Research on spectrum allocation algorithm based on improved wolf swarm algorithm
A GA-based Approach for Mitigating Adversarial Attacks in Automatic Modulation Classification
MTF2N: Multi-Channel Temporal-Frequency Fusion Network for Spectrum Prediction
MFICAL-NC: Maximum Focal Inter-Class Angular Loss with Norm Constraint for Automatic Modulation Classification
Research on filtering method based on  generalized S transform image processing
Simulation Research on Safe Operation of UAV Non-isolated Airspace
The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Technology in Big Data Era
Usability evaluation and improvement of Mission Planner UAV ground control system’s interface
Investigation of Optimization and Innovation of Aerobics Teaching Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Algorithm
Data Augmentation for Electromagnetic Individual Identification Based on Contour Stellar Images Transformation
Blockchain traceability platform based on green agricultural products
Data Augmentation for Small-Sample Electromagnetic Target Recognition Based on Adversarial Training
A Coding Management System for Traceability of Chinese Agricultural Products based on Blockchain
Electromagnetic Signal Interference Based on Convolutional Autoencoder
HybridSML-Faulty Node Detection using Hybrid Supervised Machine Learning in Distributed Environments
Individual identification based on ECG signal Driven by Multi-layer LSTM and EEMD Algorithm
A Direct Location Algorithm Based On Gauss Newton Iteration
Privacy-Preserving Decision Tree Classification Protocol Based on Bitwise Comparison
Exploring spatial patterns of emergency call behavior in a metropolitan city of China
A Survey on Intelligent Question and Answer Systems
An Efficient Compression and Reconstruction Framework for Electromagnetic Spectrum Data
Broadband Long-Term Spectrum Prediction Based on Trend based SAX
Fusion time series analysis based on POI dynamic recommendation algorithm
Speech enhancement algorithm based on optimized loss function
Two-dimensional Lidar SLAM robot based on ROS
A novel cross-resolution image alignment for multi-camera system
The Optimization of Higher Vocational Accounting Curriculum System under the Background of Intelligentization:a web crawler based method
AoA Based Signal Classification in IRS-Aided Wireless Communications
Research on Music Genre Classification Based on Residual Network
A multimodal, multitask classification model RDM-Net for early Alzheimer’s disease
MVCNet: A Mixed-View Convolutional Network for Brain MRI Segmentation
A Robust Signal Modulation Recognition Method Against Black-Box Detection Attack
PF-Net: Personalized Filter for Speaker Recognition from Raw Waveform
Proof of Storage with Corruption Identification and Recovery for Dynamic Group Users
Towards Defending Adversarial Attacks with Temperature Regularization in Automatic Modulation Recognition
IntSE: Feature Enhanced Knowledge Graph Completion Method
An Overview of Multimodal Fusion Learning
Research on DOA Estimation of Uniform Circular Array
Electric Energy Meter Information Recognition System Based on Deep Learning
Integrating Higher-Order Features for Structural Role Discovery