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9th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications

June 18–19, 2016 | Xi'an, People's Republic of China

Conference Program

9th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications (MobiMedia 2016)


MOBIMEDIA-01: (JUNE 18, 2016, SATURDAY, 14: 00 – 16:00, MuDan Hall)

Session Chair: Boni Garcia ([email protected])

Paper 1:  Testing Framework for WebRTC Services

Boni Garcia, Luis Lopez-Fernandez, Micael Gallego, Francisco Gortazar

Paper 2:  Buffer management for scalable video streaming

Amparito Alexandra, Lorenzo Favalli

Paper 3:  IEEE 802.11 Traffic Measurement and Analysis

Shaoen Wu, Sudad Abed, Qing Yang, Honggang Wang

Paper 4:  A Fusion Algorithm for Flash and No-Flash Images under a Low-Light Environment

Yanli Zhang, Guoliang Jiang, Bin Song


MOBIMEDIA-02: (JUNE 18, 2016, SATURDAY, 16: 30 – 18:30, MuDan Hall)

Session Chair: Xin Huang ([email protected])

Paper 1: A Review of Homomorphic Encryption and its Applications

Lifang Zhang, Zheng Yan, Raimo Kantola

Paper 2: An Access Control System for Intelligent Buildings

Nian Xue, Xin Huang, Jie Zhang

Paper 3: A Review on Trust Evaluation for Internet of Things

Pu Wang, Peng Zhang

Paper 4: Trust and Reputation Evaluation Mechanism in Grid Computing: A Review

Yanxiao Cheng, Zheng Yan


MobiMedia-03: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 10: 30 – 12:30, YueJi Hall)

Session Chair: Lei Chen ([email protected])

Paper 1: Trust-aware Privacy-Preserving Recommender System

Xiwei Wang, Jun Zhang, Yin Wang

Paper 2: Trust Evaluation in Social Networking: A Review

Sihui Zhao, Zheng Yan

Paper 3: Event Detection Based on Interactive Communication Streams in Social Network

Yadong Zhou, Hong Xu, Lei Lei

Paper 4: A Recommender System Model based on Commodity-Purchase-Cycle Classification

Meina Song, Xue Zhou, Haihong E, Zhonghong Ou


MobiMedia-04: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 14: 00 – 16:30, YueJi Hall)

Session Chair: Honggang Wang ([email protected])

Paper 1: Device-to-Device Multicast Content Delivery in Cellular Networks

Yanli Xu, Ping Wu

Paper 2: Secure Distributed Algorithm for Network Lifetime Maximization and Video Distortion Minimization in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Honggang Wang, Abdelnaser Rashwan

Paper 3: A Novel CDN Testbed for Fast Deploying HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming.

Miran Taha, Encarna Pastor

Paper 4: Network Structure Aware Dynamical Routing Mechanism in Social Intermittently Connected Wireless Networks

Peng Yang, Shushan Si, Shangqi Jing

Paper 5: Investigating Timing Channel in IaaS

Rui Yang, Xiao Fu, Xiaojiang Du, Bin Luo


SMMA2016: International Workshop on the Crowdsensing and intelligent sensing on Mobile Media Analytics

SMMA: (June 18, 2016, Saturday, 14: 00 – 16:00,YueJi Hall)

Session Chair: Zheng Xu (Email: [email protected])

Paper 1: Crowdsensing-based Web Crawler for Emergency Event Analysis

Wei Wu, Xiao Wei, Bin Pan, Xiaokang Xu

Paper 2: Building User Micro-blog Semantic View based on Topic Feature Extraction

Shunxiang Zhang, Shiyao Zhang and Guangli Zhu

Paper 3: Memory-Forgetting Model based on Virtual and Real Spaces for Commercial Recommendation

Yunlan Xue, Lingyu Xu, Jie Yu, Lei Wang, Gaowei Zhang

Paper 4: The Role of Mobile Forensics in Terrorism Investigations Involving the Use of Cloud Apps

Niken Dwi Wahyu Cahyania, Nurul Hidayah Rahmana, Zheng Xu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Paper 5: Crowdsensing based Multi-Modal Storytelling of Urban Emergency Events using Social Media

Zheng Xu, Hui Zhang, Yunhuai Liu, Lin Mei



DTWSM: (June 18, 2016, Saturday, 16: 30 – 18:30, YueJi Hall)

Session Chair: Hao Chen (Email: [email protected])

Paper 1: A Survey on Trust Evaluation in E-commerce

Yuquan Zhu, Zheng Yan

Paper 2: A Survey on Trust Evaluation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Guangwu Xu, Zheng Yan

Paper 3: Detecting Overlapping Community Structures with PCA Technology and Member Index

Peiyan Yuan, Wei Wang

Paper 4: SpamDia: Spammer Diagnosis in Sina Weibo Microblog

Hao Chen, Jun Liu, Jianhong Mi

Paper 5: ERI: A New Method for Ensuring Request Integrity

Eryue Zhuang, Zhenzhou Tian, Xiaojun Cui, Jian Li, Zhiwen Wang



5GS-01: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 10: 30 – 12:30, MuDan Hall)

Session Chair: Valtteri Niemi (Email: [email protected])

Keynote 1: 5G Security for IoT

Speaker: Dr. Zhiyuan Hu, Nokia Shanghai Bell  ([email protected])

Keynote 2: 5G Security: Forward Thinking

Speaker: Bo Zhang, Huawei ([email protected])


5GS-02: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 14: 00 – 16:30, MuDan Hall)

Session Chair: Siddharth Prakash Rao ([email protected]); Ian Oliver ([email protected])

Paper 1: Protecting IMSI and User Privacy in 5G Networks

Karl Norrman, Elena Dubrova, Mats Näslund

Paper 2: Privacy of the Long-Term Identities in Cellular Networks

Philip Ginzboorg, Valtteri Niemi

Paper 3: Error-Correcting Message Authentication for 5G

Elena Dubrova, Mats Näslund, Göran Selander, Karl Norrman

Paper 4: Privacy in LTE networks

Siddharth Prakash Rao, Bhanu Teja Kotte, Silke Holtmanns

Paper 5: A Survey on Software-Defined Networking Security

Shanshan Bian, Peng Zhang, Zheng Yan

Paper 6: Designing Hybrid Cloud Computing Framework using OpenStack for Supporting Multimedia with Security and Privacy

Isaac Cushman, Lei Chen, Danda B. Rawat, and Nhien-An Le-Khac