Call for papers

MobiMedia 2010

6th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

6-8 September 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

The focus of Mobimedia this year will be on future internet for green and pervasive media.

The promise of a truly pervasive experience is to have the freedom to roam around anywhere and not be bound to a single location, however, the energy required to keep mobile devices connected to the network over extended periods of time quickly dissipates. In fact, energy is a critical resource in the design of wireless networks since wireless devices are usually powered by batteries.

From the mobile manufacturer’s perspective the energy consumption problem is critical, not only technically but also taking into account the market expectations from a newly introduced technology. In fact there exists a continuously growing gap between the energy consumption of emerging radio systems and what can be achieved by Battery technology evolution; Scaling and circuit design progress; System level architecture progress; and  Thermal and cooling techniques. Without new approaches for energy saving, there is a significant threat that the 4G mobile users will be searching for power outlets rather than network access, and becoming once again bound to a single location.

There is added momentum from the European stage for green radio to globally reduce the electromagnetic radiation levels to have a better coexistence of wireless system (less interference) as well as a reduced human exposure to radiation leading to the so called Green Wireless technologies.

Hence, there is a clear need for disruptive strategies to address all aspects of power efficiency from the user devices through to the core infrastructure of the network and how these devices and equipment interact with each other.

In this framework, Mobimedia will provide an international forum where industry, researchers and academia will be able to interact and exchange experiences, ideas, and research results surrounding all aspects on power saving to envisage a environmentally friendly internet of the future.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original and unpublished technical papers on the following research topics, but not limited to:

    • Wireless 3D Video Services
    • Scalable Video Coding
    • Content and context-aware networks
    • Cooperative and Cognitive Networks
    • Short-Range Communications
    • Energy Efficient Resource Management and Routing
    • QoE Multimedia for Future Internet
    • P2P Multimedia for autonomic wireless infrastructures
    • Network Coding
    • Internet of things
    • Cross-layer and Cross-System optimization strategies for wireless media
    • Security for Cooperative Networks
    • Resource and Mobility Management in Cooperative Networks
    • Dynamic Resource Management and bandwidth assignment for multimedia in heterogeneous wireless networks
    • IMS for Multimedia services in next generation networks



Please visit the Submission page for detailed submission requirements and procedures.


All accepted papers will be published in Springer Lecture Notes of ICST (LNICST) series and included in major article indexing services.

Extended Versions of Selected Papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the ACM/Springer Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET) Journal on Future Internet for Green and Pervasive Media.