Travel Information

Hotel Name: Tianyayuan Hotel

  • Hotel Address: Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai), #2 Wenhuaxi Road, Weihai, 264209, China
  • Hotel Phone Number: +86 631-3792888;+86 631-3792777

酒店名: 天雅苑酒店

  • 酒店地址:中国 山东省 威海市 文化西路二号 哈尔滨工业大学(威海)校内 天雅苑酒店,
  • 酒店电话:0631-3792888;0631-3792777


– By airplane

You can  arrive at Weihai International Airport and then take a taxi to the Hotel. As an alternative option, you can also arrive at Yaitai International Airport and than take a bus to arrive at the hotel.

– By train

You can arrive at either Weihai North station or Weihai station and then take a taxi to arrive the Hotel. The Weihai North station is closer to the Hotel.