Welcome to MobiMedia 2008


4th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

7-9th of July 2008


The development and deployment of the multimedia services and applications in mobile environments requires adopting an interdisciplinary approach where both multimedia and networking issues are addressed jointly. Different type of semantic characteristics of media, human interpretation of audiovisual information, coding standards and interaction with networking, mobility and security protocols are research issues that need to be carefully examined when proposing new solutions. The efficient delivery and deployment of multimedia applications and services over emerging diverse and heterogeneous wireless networks is a challenging research objective. The research efforts e.g. for the 3G/4G and 3G LTE visions of interworking among heterogeneous technologies to achieve multimedia session continuity, retain multimedia QoS characteristics etc., amplifies the need to evaluate the conditions and restrictions under which delivery of such services can be accomplished. The demand for efficient multimedia communications can be also seen as one of main driving forces towards the Future Internet and Post-IP solutions. The interoperability of applications, transport and network protocols and radio access, as well as the demand for improved quality of service and user experience, security and mobility support creates a challenging study field and also possibilities for research of novel communication protocols and methods towards the Future Internet. In addition for the technical challenges caused by the increased amount of multimedia usage and delivery through different community services, peer-to-peer networks, Web, Internet IPTV etc. the multimedia delivery is also affecting to industry value chains, commerce transactions between businesses (B2B), and business and customers (B2C). Within this scope, MobiMedia is intended to provide a unique international forum for researchers from industry and academia, working in multimedia coding and mobile networking fields to study new applications, solutions, and standards.

Original unpublished contributions are solicited that can improve the knowledge and practice in the integrated design of efficient technologies and the relevant provision of advanced mobile multimedia applications.

The conference key reseach areas include, but are not limited to

The conference encourages the authors to submit original papers also outside of the topics listed in here or in the Call for Papers but within the scope of multimedia communications.

Address of the Conference Venue:

Kaitoväylä 1
P.O. BOX 1100
FIN-90571 Oulu